Kingsco Transport Ltd.

"The pressure washer was easy to use and met my expectations. I cleaned dump trailers with lots of road grime and dirt on them as well as a truck covered in oil from an oil leak. Be sure to get a longer wand if cleaning tall trucks. I would recommend Easy Kleen pressure washers to anyone!"

- Patrick Kelly Sussex, New Brunswick

Lotia Sons Pvt Ltd.

"We bought our machine in August 2015 to clean surfaces to prepare for powder coating. We bought this unit because of its superior cleaning which makes the whole process more efficient and cost effective. The best part about this machine is the fact that you don’t need to use chemicals to get amazing results which is very important to us because that ensures there is no negative impact on the environment.
This purchase lived up to our expectations and I would definitely recommend it, Thank you."

- Zahra Nadeem Ahmed, Islamabad, Pakistan

Big Wood Tree & Yard

"I chose to buy an Easy Kleen a year ago because the price was perfect and especially because it's made in Canada.
At Big Wood Tree Services we use our pressure washer to keep the equipment clean and looking good! Being on a dirt road they can get pretty dirty, thankfully the heat takes everything off! My purchasing experience was great, very friendly staff. Easy Kleen has definitely lived up to my expectations and I would recommend them!

- Scott Mathieson (Owner/Operator) Orillia, Ontaria, Canada

Hoyt Fire Department

"Everyone is really pleased with our unit, it has proved to be a effective tool in ensuring our rigs are always looking top notch.
Thanks for asking!"

- Daryl Price (Fire Chief) Hoyt, New Brunswick, Canada

Benson Farm

"We have had our Easy Kleen pressure washer for around 18 years. Back in 1998 we decided to upgrade and wanted a locally made machine, Easy Kleen offered that and much more. We use it to keep our machinery looking good and clean which allows us to see and fix any problems before it becomes a major issues which has saved us money over the long run. The only add-on we requested was the hose reel, it’s great to keep our hose untangled and it gives you just the right amount of hose you need for the job.
After almost 20 years and our machine still works like it did on the day we bought it, I know we made the right choice going with Easy Kleen."

- Gerald Benson (Owner/Operator) Belleisle Creek, New Brunswick, Canada

Poirier's Pressure Washing

"I purchased a commercial 4 GPM at 3500 PSI hot water pressure washer with a gearbox drive system that I use mostly for washing commercial fishing boats in the Baie-Sainte Anne area of New Brunswick (100 km radius). I also use this unit to clean heavy equipment, vehicle washing and for freeze up work during the winter months thawing sewage and drainage pipes and water wells etc. This machine is very versatile and works great for what I do, I will defiantly choose an Easy Kleen Pressure Washer in the future!!! Great machine...Great people!!! "

- Philippe Poirier (Owner and Operator) Baie-Sainte Anne, New Brunswick, Canada

ALCOTT Construction

“We purchased our first Easy Kleen pressure washer back in the 90's, we were very impressed with the quality of the unit which led to our second purchase in 2013. The unit is used throughout the year for cleaning heavy equipment before maintenance and repairs as needed. At the end of the season the machine runs a full 8 hours a day to thoroughly clean and prepare our fleet which consists of over 50 pieces of heavy equipment for the winter months.
The auto stop start is by far our favorite feature. This allows us to walk away from the machine without manually turning it off making the process more efficient which saves us valuable time and money.
Easy Kleen’s sales and service staff are a very easy group to deal with, we’ve had parts delivered next day for general maintenance and both onsite and offsite service conducted. It’s always a pleasant experience when we call. Knowing we have a well-built reliable piece of equipment with a knowledgeable sales and service staff to back it up gives us piece of mind and has allowed us to focus on what matters most, business!”

- Gordon Alcott (Owner/Operator) Spearville New Brunswick, Canada

Crosbie Industrial (Enviro Systems)

"Our new Dry Steam unit is performing excellent! We are using this unit primarily for the installation of Perma Liners. We are 110% satisfied and we will be purchasing a second unit of this nature in the near future. I have already recommended this machine to one of my contacts. Easy Kleen comes highly recommended from Crosbie Industrial, Easy Kleen manufactures high quality, customizable products that perform beyond expectations!"

- Jay Mcleod (Sales/Business Development / Infrastructure Rehabilitation) St. John's, Newfoundland

Stew's Cleaning Services

"Hi, my name is Stew. I am the owner of Stew's Cleaning Services and Stew's Buffing and Polishing. We have been using Easy Kleen for a number of years now. We are equipped with Easy Kleen pressure washers in our mobile wash units as well as in our detailing shops. We find their equipment to be durable and reliable. Josh (sale rep) is a great guy who has always been very helpful to us and Chris is a very knowledgeable amazing service tech. I we will be using their services for years to come. Easy Kleen comes highly recommended from Stews!"

- Stew Kincade Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Brookville Manufacturing Ltd.

Check out their testimonial video and take a peak inside one of the LARGEST manufacturers of crushed limestone!
Click here to watch!

- James Davis Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

REDCO Process and Production Services Ltd.

Just wanted to say Thank-you for taking care of us, I think this skid unit was a great investment, we are very impressed with how well it works and actually surprised at just how much pressure it has, significantly better than any of the truck washes we were using and so we spend less time cleaning up equipment and trucks!! Thanks again and please feel free to use us as a reference for this great product!!

- Kevin Johnston (Owner and Founder) Alberta, Canada

Leisure Time RV

Check out this video from when we provided hands on training to ensure they got the most out of their brand new RV Wash System!
Click here to watch!

- Renato Bertolini (Manager) Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada

Knowles Agriculture

"I recently purchased an Easy Kleen pressure washer unit from the Edmonton Alberta location. The staff there walked me through a demo of my new unit so I could see it in action first hand. From my first contact with the head office to dealing with the local dealer I was impressed with the effort of Easy Kleen's staff put into making my purchase a pleasant experience. I have no doubts this product will do everything I need and I am confident I will receive excellent service and support from the dealer if I ever need it. Really impressed."

- Cliff K. (Owner/Operator) Unity, Saskatchewan

Hewitt Rentals

Check out our short video from Hewitt (CAT) Rentals.
"It's QUICK, it's EASY and we get the PERFECT results"
Click here to watch!

- Robert Aube (Small Engine Mechanic) Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Jamac Coating Contractors

Our company has been using two Easy Kleen 9 GPM at 5000 PSI oil fired diesel driven pressure washers for over 17 years for removing industrial coating from structural steel painting projects and these units will last a long time yet. We find the high volume high pressure super hot water shocks the paint off as good or better than a 40,000 PSI cold water unit. We have received delivery of two more Easy Kleen 5000 PSI hot unit this year and have ordered a new 8gpm at 8000psi hot unit. Easy Kleen units work.

- Bart MacDonald (Owner/President) Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

James Dick Construction

We have a fleet of 17 Easy Kleen Hot Water Pressure Washers. They are top quality, long lasting, hardworking units and I would recommend them to anyone.

- Brian Dykstra (Equipment Manager) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bergerie du Faubourg inc.

Bonjour, oui la laveuse va super bien. Nous avons commencé à nous en servir et elle est parfaite. Merci et à la prochaine.

- Dominique Brisson (Owner) Saint-Narcisse-de-Rimouski, Québec, Canada

The Oromocto Fire Department

The Oromocto Fire Department is currently operating two of the Easy Kleen systems at each of our two stations. They are used for both truck and equipment cleaning.

We had previously used gas powered systems that we rarely used because they were so cumbersome to set up and operate. With the electric systems from Easy Kleen, they are mounted on the walls of the stations with no hook-ups required. This ease of use ensures that they are used for clean up after all fire events thereby extending the life span of the equipment and trucks.

I would highly recommend these systems to other Fire Departments.

- Jody Price (Fire Chief) Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada

U.S. Coast Guard

We had our Easy Kleen 4000 PSI electric on board system installed on the Henry Blake over 15 years ago. Our crew uses this unit for cleaning buoys and our vessel on average 15-20 hours a month. We are pleased with the serviceability and quality of Easy Kleen’s marine equipment. We will be returning to Easy Kleen for our next marine high pressure system