Commercial Hot Water Gas & Diesel

Product Summary

Our most popular and versatile units. Utilized by a multitude of businesses for a wide variety of cleaning needs. From a simple oil field application to daily construction and farm use. Our customers continuously comment on the heat and speed of cleaning with these machines.

Standard Features

Commercial Duty triplex plunger pump with oil bath crankcase, stainless valves and all brass manifolds, direct drive c/w thermo pump protector
Kohler, Lifan and Honda gasoline efficient serviceable engines
Fully adjustable pressure regulator and temperature controller, 50 ft hose, gun and wand with five nozzles
Heating Coil
Heating Coil, elliptically wound cold process of stretched reduced full body normalized ASTM A53/APIPSL schedule 80 pipe, and is structurally braced to minimize pipe wear and vibration, all completely sealed with ceramic blanket with stainless steel coil skin for total efficiency. You will save time and money on heat up time and fuel every time you use an Easy Kleen hot water cleaning systems
Quality North American made Oil fired burners with adjustable thermostats are used for efficiency, dependability and serviceability.
Rugged 12 gauge bent one piece steel frame all welded with lifting bar and roll cage frame all powder coated and housing a 10 gallon poly fuel tank. A hose reel can be mounted on the front plate. ¾ axles are welded to frame and 13" pneumatic wheels are held on with ¾ nuts.

Gasoline Driven - Oil Fired

ModelGPMPSIBTUDriveHPEngineBurnerElectric StartQuote
EZO2703G32700300,000DIRECT6.5Kohler120VNoRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-L-EK-R3.54000350,000DIRECT15Lifan120VNoRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-K-EK-R3.54000350,000DIRECT14Kohler120VNoRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-K-GP-R3.54000350,000DIRECT14Kohler120VNoRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-H-EK-R3.54000350,000DIRECT13Honda120VNoRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-H-GP-R3.54000350,000DIRECT13Honda120VNoRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-L-EK-1203.54000350,000DIRECT15Lifan - Electric Start120VYesRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-K-EK-1203.54000350,000DIRECT14Kohler - Electric Start120VYesRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-K-GP-1203.54000350,000DIRECT14Kohler - Electric Start120VYesRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-H-EK-1203.54000350,000DIRECT13Honda - Electric Start120VYesRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-H-GP-1203.54000350,000DIRECT13Honda - Electric Start120VYesRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-L-EK-123.54000350,000DIRECT15Lifan - Electric Start12VYesRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-L-GP-123.54000350,000DIRECT15Lifan - Electric Start12VYesRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-K-EK-123.54000350,000DIRECT14Kohler - Electric Start12VYesRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-K-GP-123.54000350,000DIRECT14Kohler - Electric Start12VYesRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-H-EK-123.54000350,000DIRECT13Honda - Electric Start12VYesRequest a Quote
EZO4035G-H-GP-123.54000350,000DIRECT13Honda - Electric Start12VYesRequest a Quote
EZO3504G-K43500400,000Gearbox14Kohler12VYesRequest a Quote
EZO3504G-H43500400,000Gearbox13Honda12VYesRequest a Quote
*Optional skid/Pickup frame *Optional hose reel available

Diesel Driven - Oil Fired

ModelGPMPSIBTUDriveHPEngineBurnerElectric StartQuote
EZO4032D-K-GP-1243200350,000Direct9.8Kohler12VYesRequest a Quote
EZO3204D-K43200400,000Gearbox9.8Kohler12VYesRequest a Quote
*Optional Skid/Pickup frame *Optional Hose Reel Available

Portable Pickup Truck Skid

ModelGPMPSIBTUDriveHPEngineBurnerElectric StartQuote
EZO3504G-K-PSR43500400,000Gearbox14Kohler Gas12VYesRequest a Quote
EZO3204D-K-PSR43200400,000Gearbox9.8Kohler Diesel12VYesRequest a Quote
EZO3504G-H-PSR43500400,000Gearbox13Honda Gas12VYesRequest a Quote

WARNING Residents of California: Proposition 65 Information

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