Industrial Cold Water Electric

Product Summary

Ideal for use in processing plants, mills and factories for everyday reliable cleaning. Stationary frame options are available for facilities that require a piped in system for multiple location cleaning and/or multiple gun use.

Standard Features

Industrial Duty General triplex plunger pump with oil bath crankcase, stainless valves and all brass manifolds, most pumps are belt driven, although we do offer flange and coupling driven pumps as well.
Heavy Duty full 1.15 service factor TEFC 1750 rpm overload protected Electric motors. (3 phase are high efficiency)
Liquid filled pressure gauge, Fully adjustable pressure regular and chemical injector system on machines up to 7.5 HP, thermo pump protection, 50 ft hose, gun and wand with five nozzles.
Continuous duty V belt drive system with 11 gauge belt guard or flange and coupling drive.
Electrical Control Panel
Electrical Nema 4 water tight control panel complete with hinged cover for easy access is mounted within frame for protection. Available with standard on/off or optional auto stop start with shut down timer both use top of the line electrical components. All CSA approved.
Super Heavy Duty caged frame assemble with 1 ½" square tube frame with lift bar and 1/4" motor/pump base plate all components enclosed with in frame and mounted on large 8" casters. Frame has capacity for two 400' industrial duty reels as they are used on the two gun units. Also available in a rugged stationary base (ST). Mills, Plants and other heavy users require great equipment and we have the need to meet the requirement of our customers every day. (Hose reels are optional)
IS204FE-142000Flange/Coupling5220V 1phRequest a Quote
IS204FE-342000Flange/Coupling5208/440/575V3phRequest a Quote
IS204E-142000Belt5220V 1phRequest a Quote
IS204E-342000Belt5208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS304FE-143000Flange/Coupling7.5220V 1phRequest a Quote
IS304FE-343000Flange/Coupling7.5208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS304E-143000Belt7.5220V 1phRequest a Quote
IS304E-343000Belt7.5208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS255FE-352500Flange/Coupling7.5208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS208E-382000Belt10208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS306E-15.53000Belt10220V 1phRequest a Quote
IS306E-35.53000Belt10208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS404FE-144000Flange/Coupling10220V 1phRequest a Quote
IS404FE-344000Flange/Coupling10208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS1212E-3121200Belt10208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS3606E-363600Belt15208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS465E-36.54000Belt20208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS505E-355000Belt20208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS310E-3103000Belt20208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS2512E-3122500Belt20208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS3685E-38.53600Belt20208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS654E-34.36500Belt20208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS704E-347000Belt20208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS808E-388000Belt50208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS1156E-3611,500Belt50208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote
IS154E-34.515,000Belt50208/440/575V 3phRequest a Quote

WARNING Residents of California: Proposition 65 Information