Easy Kleen Team 1985

Family Owned and Operated… Easy Kleen comes from humble beginnings. Fred Howland, a born sales man and entrepreneur, felt the brand of pressure washers he was marketing in the 80’s was substandard to what he could build himself. He believed that providing his customers with a high quality, well built, serviceable equipment was crucial for both his customers and his own business. In 1982, Fred received his first contract from the Canadian Military and manufactured the first Easy Kleen cold water pressure washers out of his home garage in Kars New Brunswick. The business started to grow and it wasn’t long before the company had outgrown the garage and the cows were kicked out of the barn. Now 40 years later Easy Kleen has grown into an international brand, shipping equipment worldwide.

In 2012, Easy Kleen moved into a brand new 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility. This allowed for substantial growth and opened up new opportunities to expand into new industries with an increased product line. A complete line of hot and cold water jetting equipment and trailer options, dry steam generators and modular heaters for Vacuum trucks have been added to the product list since the big move.

In 2015, a new 20,000 square foot addition was added to the plant to accommodate a state of the art coil and metal fabrication facility. Equipped with an 11 axis pipe maneuvering machine, CNC laser table, CNC press brake and CNC benders the company was able to gain further competitive advantage in the industry by providing consistent outcomes to increase efficiencies. This additional space also made room for a trailer manufacturing and assembly area. All of Easy Kleen’s open trailers are now designed and manufactured in house.

Our newest expansion in 2018 rounded the plant out to 80,000 square feet. It houses an automated Powder Coating system and weld shop for frame assembly which will open space in the original building for additional assembly lines for finished product. This project is expected to reach completion in 2018.

Easy Kleen Manufacturing Facility and Head Office – 2015

Brad Howland (President) and Trent White (Vice President) at a Trade Show in 1988.

Easy Kleen has grown to over 165 employees with 7 different locations across Canada: Annapolis Valley – Nova Scotia, Cambridge – Ontario, Toronto – Ontario, Edmonton – Alberta, Red Deer – Alberta, Montreal – Quebec, and head office is still based in Sussex – New Brunswick.

‘If you need, it we can build it.” Brad Howland Fred’s son and the current president is never one to shy away from a challenge. All of the companies design work is done in house which allows Easy Kleen to take on custom projects that other manufacturers do not have the capabilities and flexibility to complete.


Easy Kleen does things differently. We have a very hands on approach to ensure that the equipment not only meets the customer’s needs now but also takes future growth into account. There are Easy Kleen units out there that have given 30 years of service to their owners and continue to keep on washing so it is very important that the initial purchase will sustain the customer now and in the future. Serviceability is key to ensure proper maintenance is able to be carried out easily.

To this day the same principles apply. Easy Kleen builds high quality, rugged equipment that lasts and is easy to service.

“We are building a company that will last for generations to come. The world is a very big place and everyone needs a pressure washer.” Brad Howland

Fred Howland (Founder), Ben (Family Dog), Steve Howland (Son), and Brad Howland (Son & Current President) in 1992.