Industrial Hot Water Fully Electric

Standard Features

Industrial Duty General triplex plunger pump with oil bath crankcase, stainless valves and all brass manifolds, most pumps are belt driven although we do offer flange and coupling driven pumps as well
Heavy Duty full 1.25 service factor TEFC 1750 rpm overload protected high efficiency electric motors
Liquid filled pressure gauge, Fully adjustable pressure regulator and chemical injector, thermo pump protection, 50 ft hose, gun and wand with five nozzles
316 stainless steel heat exchanger coil, designed for continuous use, large 70 gallon (single coil models) and 120 gallon (dual coil models) heater storage tanks – allows for continuous recovery even when trigger gun (s) not in use, no open flame, can be installed in virtually any location, compact foot print, stand and explosion proof models, no venting required, heater exchanger coils do not require decalcification, require less KW than input direct-immersion type electrically heated models, low heat exchanger solution cut-off switch, adjustable temperature controller, pin- type Calrod heating elements with incoloy sleeves.
Full range of portable frames, stainless steel covers and heater skins, 50hz models, ASME B31.1, 2004 (power piping) code compliant models available and Explosion Proof Units.
Heater and pumps base is made of heavy gauge steel and is painted with powder coated process
ModelGPMPSIInputHPTotal AMP 3PH (208)Total AMP 3PH (460)Total AMP 3PH (575)SizeQuote
EH411E24A4120024KW372.533.326.632x24x52Request a Quote
EH411E48A4120048KW3134.862.249.732x24x52Request a Quote
EH420E24A4200024KW577.135.528.432x24x52Request a Quote
EH420E448A4200048KW5139.664.451.832x24x52Request a Quote
EH420E472A4200072KW5N/A93.374.432x24x52Request a Quote
EH430E424A4300024KW7.58539.131.332x24x52Request a Quote
EH430E448A4300048KW7.5147.56854.432x24x52Request a Quote
EH430E472A4300072KW7.5N/A96.576.932x24x52Request a Quote
EH440E448A4400048KW1015470.956.732x24x52Request a Quote
EH440E472A4400072KW10N/A99.879.934x24x52Request a Quote
EH450E448A4500048KW15N/A75.960.738x28x55Request a Quote
EH450E472A4500072KW15N/A104.883.938x28x55Request a Quote
EH550E448A5500048KW20N/A82.866.538x28x55Request a Quote
EH550E472A5500072KW20N/A112.289.838x28x55Request a Quote
EH535E448A5350048KW1015470.956.732x24x52Request a Quote
EH535E472A5350072KW10N/A99.879.932x24x52Request a Quote
EH562E448A5.6200048KW7.5147.56854.432x24x52Request a Quote
EH562E472A5.6200072KW7.5N/A96.977.632x24x52Request a Quote
EH612E448A6120048KW5139.664.451.832x24x52Request a Quote
EH620E448A6200048KW10147.56854.453x48x40Request a Quote
EH620E472A6200072KW10N/A96.977.653x48x40Request a Quote
EH812E2448A*8120048KW7.5147.56854.453x48x40Request a Quote
EH812E2472A*8120072KW7.5N/A96.977.653x48x40Request a Quote
EH820E2448A*8200048KW1015470.956.753x48x40Request a Quote
EH820E2472A*8200072KW10N/A99.879.953x48x40Request a Quote
EH830E2448A*8300048KW1516575.960.753x48x40Request a Quote
EH830E2472A*8300072KW15N/A104.883.953x48x40Request a Quote
EH1030E2472A*10300072KW20N/A112.289.853x48x40Request a Quote
EH1030E2496A*10300096KW20N/A141.3113.153x48x40Request a Quote
EH1030E24115A*103000115KW20N/A164.3131.453x48x40Request a Quote
*Includes dual heat exchanger coils, 2 single lance gun assemblies/2 high pressure wash hoses for multi gun operation\*(1)pumping system top-mounted on heat exchanger (32″x 24″ footprint)

WARNING Residents of California: Proposition 65 Information

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