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The Best Pressure Washer for Your Fire Station.

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The Easy-Kleen Firehouse & Car Detailing unit is ideal for fire clean-up. This stationary unit is always hooked up and ready to use. With a squeeze of the trigger gun, you're ready to clean. It's easy, safe, and exactly what your fire station needs.

  • Commercial Duty Triplex Plunger Pumps
  • Oil Bath Crankcase
  • Stainless Valves
  • Direct Drive
  • Thermo Pump Protector
Electric Motors
Electrical Control Panel
Options & Accessories
FD2040E 4 2000 5 220V - 1PH 1750 RPM Click to Order
FD2435E-GP 3.5 2400 5 220V - 1PH 1750 RPM Click to Order
FD3035E-GP 3.5


7.5 220V - 1PH 1750 RPM Click to Order

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What Fire Stations are saying about the Fire House Series

See the Easy-Kleen Fire House Series in Action

Find out why Millstream Fire Department loves its Firehouse System.

"We researched the other models but they're not as reliable, we've heard nothing but positive things about other fire departments using this series. We knew they had a good reputation, and it is an excellent product."

- Captain Scott Fillmore, Millstream Fire Department

The Norton Fire House shows off their two Easy-Kleen Firehouse Units.

Easy Kleen's Firehouse System is a compact stationary cold water high-pressure system explicitly designed for Fire Departments. Norton has two units running at 3.5 GPM @ 2400 PSI. It is always hooked up and ready to use, just a squeeze of the trigger gun and your ready to clean! Its Easy, Safe and precisely what your fire station needs!

In this video, we will demonstrate 2 very popular accessories at the Hampton Fire Department.

Water Broom – Ideal for: Washing Floors, hose, and driveways.

Foam Cannon – Ideal for Cleaning any vehicle, siding, etc. (allows your chemical to react at its full potential to remove dirt and grime)

Easy-Kleen Firehouse & Car Detailing Series Header

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The Best Pressure Washer for Your Fire Station

The Easy-Kleen Firehouse Series offers compact, tidy units with mighty cleaning power – ideal for fire clean-up and decontamination.

This stationary pressure washer has a minimal footprint, taking up a mere 18.5” x 18.5” (2.4 sqft.) of floor space, leaving optimal space for essential firefighting gear.

The mounted hose reel allows for efficient and effective storage and management, which is necessary to keep fire stations tidy and free of tripping hazards.

A vital feature of this cold water pressure washer is the auto stop/start. If you get a call, just set the wand down and go. There is no need to worry about the engine because the unit will time out and shut itself off.

Plus, this unit is user-friendly. With our foolproof design, any firefighter can use this machine to decon in less time, even without training.